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How It Works

Individuals attending the events will come from various lines of business, all sharing a common theme of servicing a particular geographic market. You will have 12-20 face to face networking sessions during the event, each one lasting about 5 minutes. During each session, each person will share information about themselves, looking for synergies, offering contacts, providing ideas, and exchanging business cards. Do you know someone that this person should talk to? Do they know someone that would be a great business contact for you?

The organizer will signal the end of round one and half of the attendees will rotate to the next station. The process continues for about an hour. 

Afterwards we will begin our general networking mixer portion of the evening to meet those you didnít get to speak to during the speed networking portion... or for those of you who prefer a less structured event.

Contact us now at (516) 366-0684 with any questions.

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