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Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for Long Island Speed Networking events or New York Speed Networking for Business events, you will see that you have quite a few choices with respect to choosing a NY Networking  event. Unfortunately all business networking events are not the same and it really comes down to how the networking event is organized. Here are some guidelines to selecting a NY speed networking event:

1. Is it a speed networking event or a speed pitching event?
There is speed networking where you sit down face to face, one on one with other participants (brainstorm, exchange ideas, build initial rapport), and help determine who you would like to follow up with.  Even if your business does not relate to the person you are sitting with, it is very possible that they know someone who can help you or vice versa.  This is the format uses.

Other companies use a speed pitching format (although they call it speed networking).  You sit at a table with approximately 6-8 other participants.  Each person stands up and gives a one minute pitch about themselves.  Others at the table will place a card in a box if they would like to follow up with this person.  In this format, there is no back and forth exchange of information, no chance to have an interactive conversation and build rapport.

2.  Do you get to meet everyone in attendance:
You will have 12-20 face to face networking sessions during the event, each one lasting about 4 minutes. Then you will have the opportunity during the general networking mixer portion of the evening to meet those you didnít get to speak to during the speed networking portion... or for those of you who prefer a less structured event

3. Are their any limits to the number of participants per company or industry

Their is nothing worse than signing up for an event only to find that you will be meeting with six financial advisors, five accountants, four real estate professionals, or others who work for the same company you do, but at a different branch. limits our regular events to no more than two individuals per profession and one individual per company.  This format may change when we are hired by a chamber of commerce or other organization to run a private speed networking session.

4. Do you have to scream to be heard?
Our regular speed networking events are structured so that you have enough elbow room between you and the next set of participants.  You can hear your partner and be heard.  Other companies sometimes take a lot more participants cramming you in so tight that you can not hear yourself speak, no less the other person.

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